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Specialist skills

Certain jobs which involve particular danger for those doing them or for other employees may only be carried out by workers who can provide evidence of specialist training. [...] Weiterlesen

Foreign safety experts (preventive services)

Foreign safety experts who want to offer their services in Austria need a recognition for their certificates, attestation of competence or professional qualifications. [...] Weiterlesen

­Health and Safety at Work Act (Arbeit­nehmer­Innen­schutz­gesetz) and regulations

The Safety and Health at Work Act is the transposition of the EU-Framework directive 89/391/EEC into national law. It is the basis for a variety of single regulations. [...] Weiterlesen

Support from preventive services

Irespective of its size, every company has to obtain support from preventive services. Differences only exist in the extent required. [...] Weiterlesen

The Labour Inspectorate

The Labour Inspectorate is the largest authority for the monitoring of employment conditions in Austria. Its sphere of competence covers the majority of employees. [...] Weiterlesen

The recognition of foreign certificates

Workers may only be employed for work which requires specialist skills, such as operating cranes or driving forklift trucks, if they possess a certificate which is recognised in Austria [...] Weiterlesen

Temporary agency work and occupational safety and health

When it comes to temporary agency work, the responsibility for occupational safety and health of workers is shared between temporary work agencies and user undertakings. [...] Weiterlesen

The posting of employees

If employees are posted to Austria, several Austrian legal provisions must be adhered to. [...] Weiterlesen