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The Austrian Labour inspectorate is the largest enforcement body for Occupational Safety and Health. It is responsible for about 3.4 Mio workers in about 251 000 companies. Other bodies and stakeholders support employers and workers to achieve safe and healthy workplaces.Occupational safety and health is regulated in legal provisions that are largely based on EU-law.

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The Labour Inspectorate

The Labour Inspectorate is the largest authority for the monitoring of employment conditions in Austria. Its sphere of competence covers the majority of employees.

Other supervisory authorities

Alongside the Labour Inspectorate there are also other supervisory authorities which are responsible for the implementation of occupational safety and health regulations or similar areas.

Other actors in occupational safety and health

Several organisations are active in supporting employers and workers

Occupational safety and health provisions

Occupational safety and health provisions are based largely on EU Directives. They apply to all workers with the exception of self-employed.

Occupational accidents

Every accident at work or incident which might have led to an accident requires that action be taken.

Specialist skills and preventive services

For some occupations and tasks specialist skills are needed which are regulated in Occupational Safety and Health law.

The posting of employees

If employees are posted to Austria, several Austrian legal provisions must be adhered to.

National Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2021-2027

The Austrian OSH-Strategy was established to improve networking between the various actors in Occupational Safety and Health.

The labour market and employment in Austria

General information on the working population and relevant economic activities

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