Other supervisory authorities

Alongside the Labour Inspectorate there are also other supervisory authorities which are responsible for the implementation of occupational safety and health regulations or similar areas.

Agriculture and Forestry Inspectorates

The nine Agriculture and Forestry Inspectorates are set up by the respective provincial governments (regional administrations). They act as labour supervisory authorities for the agriculture and forestry sectors as well as for gardening, horticultural and market gardening companies and tree nurseries, as long as they have employees.

Chemicals Inspectorates

The nine Chemicals Inspectorates monitor adherence to the provisions of chemicals legislation, such as those which are laid down in REACH. They are also part of the provincial governments. The Chemicals Inspectorates are not responsible for monitoring occupational safety and health regulations, but they cooperate with the Labour Inspectorate whenever necessary.

Financial police

The financial police is a special unit of the Ministry of Finance which is based in the respective tax offices. Its tasks include tax supervision and combating social insurance fraud, the detection of illegal employment of foreigners, and combating wage and social dumping in the posting of workers, which also includes investigating false or feigned registrations of workers.

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