The labour market and employment in Austria

Map of Austria with its nine regions
  • Total area: 83,858.28 km2
  • Population 2017: 8,811,800
  • Working population: 4,625,500
  • Persons in gainful employment: 4,299,434
  • Labour force participation rate of 15-64 year olds: 71.5 %
  • Number of companies: 665.400 (including self-employed)

(Source: Statistics on Employment and Worksites (DE); Statistics Austria 2017)

The majority of those in gainful employment work in the Wholesale and Retail Trade sector (NACE G, approx. 15 %) or in Manufacturing (NACE C approx. 14%). Other relevant employment sectors include Human Health and Social Work Activities (NACE Q, approx. 9 %), Public Administration (NACE O, approx. 8 %) and Construction (NACE F, approx. 7%).
(Source: Labour Market Statistics, annual results 2017; Statistics Austria)

In production and services the largest number of worksites are in the following sectors:

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade (NACE G)
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (NACE M)
  • Human Health and Social Work Activities (NACE Q)
  • Construction (NACE F)
  • Other Service Activities (NACE S)

This includes not only employees, but also self-employed persons.
(Source: Statistics on Employment and worksites 2017 (DE); Statistics Austria)

Company sizes

Small and micro companies predominate in  Austria. In 2017, 87% of companies in the field of production or services had less than ten employees and 98% of companies had less than 50 employees. Large companies with more than 250 staff only account for a tiny proportion of 0.4%.
(Source: Structural Business Statistics Survey 2017 (DE), production and services; Statistics Austria)

General information about Austria can be found in the publication "Austria. Data. Figures. Facts" of Statistics Austria.

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