Occupational safety and health provisions

Although occupational safety and health law has existed for a long time, today´s provisions are based largely on EU-directives. The core of the OSH legal system is the Health and Safety at Work Act and the derived regulations which apply for the larger part of the Austrian employees. For some groups of workers, the regulations have partly been adapted to their special working conditions or organisational structures, such as in agriculture and forestry, among federal employees or those employed by the provinces or local authorities. Separate occupational safety and health provisions which are loosely based on the Health and Safety at Work Act therefore apply in these sectors.

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The protection of particular groups of employees

Alongside the areas covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act and its regulations there are also legal acts on the deployment of employees.

The responsibility of employers

Employers are principally responsible for adherence to occupational safety and health regulations. They have to ensure that all measures for the protection of safety and health, but also for the general wellbeing of the employees, are taken.

Temporary agency work and occupational safety and health

When it comes to temporary agency work, the responsibility for occupational safety and health of workers is shared between temporary work agencies and user undertakings.

Support from preventive services

Irespective of its size, every company has to obtain support from preventive services. Differences only exist in the extent required.

Administrative penal proceedings

Infringements of occupational safety and health regulations can lead to administrative penal proceedings. A court case only takes place in special situations, such as after an accident at work.

Designated representatives

Under certain conditions, employers can transfer their responsibility for the adherence to occupational safety and health regulations to another person (designated representative).

Safety representatives and works council members

Safety representatives play a special role in the field of safety and health in companies. They put forward the views of the employees on all occupational safety and health issues and thus contribute towards worker's participation.

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