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Occupational safety and health provisions

Legislation on occupational safety and health principally applies to all employees in Austria. Its legal basis is provided by the Health and Safety at Work Act, which is valid for a large part of Austrian employees. In other groups of workers, the regulations have partly been adapted to their special working conditions or organisational structures, such as in agriculture and forestry, among federal employees or those employed by the provinces or local authorities. Separate occupational safety and health provisions which are loosely based on the Health and Safety at Work Act therefore apply in these sectors.

Occupational Safety and Health (Health and Safety at Work Act, brochure) (pdf-88 kB)

There are also simplified provisions for the protection of domestic workers and home workers, and which apply instead of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The self-employed are not covered by legislation on occupational safety and health, but have to ensure that their activities do not endanger the employees of other companies.

Last update: 22.01.2016