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The labour market and employment in Austria

Map of Austria with its nine regions

  • Total area: 83,858.28 km2
  • Population 2010: 8,238,700
  • Working population: 4,282,100
  • Persons in gainful employment: 4,078,000
  • Labour force participation rate of 15-64 year olds: 75.1 %
  • Manufacturing or services companies: 297,500
    (Source: Statistics Austria 2009)

The majority of those in gainful employment work in the services sector (approx. 43%) or in production (25%). Other relevant employment sectors include health care and social services (approx. 10 %), public administration (approx. 7 %), child care and education (approx. 6%) and agriculture and forestry (approx. 5%).
(Source: Labour Market Statistics, annual results 2009; Statistics Austria)

In the services and production sectors, the largest number of companies are in the following segments:

  1. Retailing
  2. Freelance services
  3. Hotel and restaurant trade
  4. Construction
  5. Manufacturing of goods

 The largest number of working people are found in retailing, manufacturing and construction. This includes not only employees, but also self-employed persons.
(Source: Structural Business Statistics Survey 2009, Production and Services; Statistics Austria)

Company sizes

Small and medium sized companies predominate in Austria. In 2009, 87% of companies in the field of production or services had less than ten employees and 98% of companies had less than 50 employees. Large companies with more than 250 staff only account for a tiny proportion of 0.5%.
(Source: Structural Business Statistics Survey 2009, production and services; Statistics Austria)

General information about Austria can be found in the publication "Austria. Data. Figures. Facts" of Statistics Austria.

Last update: 31.01.2016

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