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Subject areas and projects 2007-2012

Design and structure

The Austrian Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (Austrian OSH Strategy) involves all national and regional actors of health and safety at work and, essentially, those whose issues touch upon this subject.
Joint planning within the framework of the Occupational Safety and Health Strategy is designed to achieve optimum utilisation of the resources of the individual institutions, promote cooperation and coordinate the individual targets so as to ensure optimum protection of safety and health at work.

Dr Martin Bartenstein, the former Federal Minister of Economics and Labour, commissioned the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board to conceive the national Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2007 - 2012. After this Rudolf Hundstorfer, the Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, stipulated a joint resolution on OSH-Strategy with eleven organizations, like Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Social Partners, and Assurance Companies, to consolidate both joint actions and joint targets.

Joint Resolution on the Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2007 - 2012

National networking is co-ordinated by the Central Labour Inspectorate, which is responsible for the management of the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board. The OSH Advisory Board appointed the "Occupational Safety and Health" Expert Committee and five working groups in order to start with a table of contents, including a structured concept.

Regional networking takes place on the part of the regional situated Labour Inspectorates (there is at least one Labour Inspectorate in every federal state is). Therefore, the national Central Labour Inspectorate stipulated a framework contract with the regional Labour Inspectorates in 2010.
This contract on the one hand should enforce national projects by a top-down process and on the other hand regional ones by a bottom-up process.

Subject areas and projects

In order to prepare run-up to decisions the OSH Advisory Board established the "Occupational Safety and Health Strategy" Expert Committee.
The OSH Expert Committee compiles proposals on subject matters as well as structural suggestions for handling these subjects.
Moreover, it summarises the evaluation of the targets achieved by the working groups and submits proposals for improvement measures to the OSH Advisory Board.

With respect to the Austrian OSH strategy, five subject areas, which are covered by specific working groups were defined. The topics of the subject areas are listed below:

  • Risk assessment and hazard awareness
  • Accident prevention
  • Prevention of work-related and occupational diseases
  • Instruction and advanced training and information concerning occupational safety and health, improving the activities of prevention experts
  • Raising awareness of occupational safety and health.

Abstract of all projects:

Translated reports of the working groups:

Co-operating institutions

The five working groups are composed of representatives of institutions directly or indirectly involved in occupational safety and health, such as ministries, state governments, accident insurance companies, social partners, stakeholder groups, safety engineering and occupational health centres, research centres, universities, regulatory agencies, companies, associations etc.

Foundations for the Austrian OSH-Strategy

All relevant institutions concerned with occupational safety and health are being involved via the OSH Advisory Board, OSH Expert Committee, and working groups. Further elements of the strategy are:

  • OSH Strategy – Annual work planning of the Labour Inspection
  • OSH Strategy – Targets defined on an international and EU level
  • EU Community Strategy – Council resolution
  • Gender aspects of the Austrian OSH Strategy: Fact Sheets 42 and 43 of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Abriged reports and detailed information

Abridged reports on the Occupational Safety and Health strategy:

Detailed information on the Occupational Safety and Health Strategy

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